Lockdown Re-Onboarding
Available as individual and company packages

As my clients have confided in me, and I am sure you will have experienced in your workplace, there have been many different reactions to remote working and even the most focussed have found themselves reassessing their situation.  Some people have felt anxious being removed from the familiarity of regular contact with colleagues, and this has led to feelings of self doubt and low confidence.  Others are feeling anxious about their eventual return to the workplace and some are simply enjoying this new way of living and the extra time they have been able to spend with their family and may be reluctant to give it up.  As a way to help individuals to deal with the current circumstances, I am offering Lockdown Re-Onboarding coaching sessions to help the readjust their mindset


So, with this in mind I have developed individual and group coaching sessions to enable people to deal with the situation they find themselves in easier.   


I believe that the same principles I use to help individuals return to work after parental leave are also fundamental to assisting individuals dealing with working in lockdown.  I have created a variety of different coaching programmes based on the Positive Method designed to enable individual employees to rebuild their confidence and develop skills to deal with the world they now find themselves, along with coaching sessions to offer guidance to managers and team leaders so that they feel confident in sensitively managing their team members.  


Whatever the lockdown experience, a gentle realignment of mindsets will help them rediscover their original drive and commitment.  This will be the focus of my coaching programmes.