My Approach

For my coaching sessions I use The GROW Model a method that is used in everyday conversations and meetings to unlock potential and possibilities.  The GROW model was first published by Sir John Whitmore in 1992 and has become the world’s most popular coaching model for problem solving, goal setting and performance improvement.

Each session will follow a similar route to this:


  • During the foundation session we will discuss what you are looking to achieve both in the short-term and long-term.  Remember, there are different levels of goals depending on how far into the future you want to aim for. It could be something quite small and immediate or it might be something that inspires you and challenges you and will take time to achieve.

  • We will look at your current situation and what barriers you might be facing that are stopping you from realising your goal.  We find out what qualities and resources you already have.  Sometimes you might not even be aware of the pool of personal reserves that you have available to you.  We will also look for any obstacles that might be blocking you. These can be both internal and external ones.

  • Once we have worked all these out, we will explore all the options and possibilities that you have to help you move forward.

  • And finally, we will start to put together a timeframe of how and when you are going to achieve your goal(s). What you will actually do. When you will do it by. How you will know if you are successful.


It is a pretty hard task to expect to achieve your goal in one session, it would be a bit like asking you to climb a mountain by going straight up and not taking a break or trying different routes along the way. So, like reaching the summit of that mountain it would normally take a number of sessions to get to a stage where you feel that you are heading to where you want to be or have reached your goal. 


However, not all journeys need to be long and if you only have a small hill to climb, then you may only need one session to help you reposition your thoughts and help you move forward. Everyone and every session is different.


If this sounds like something that you would like to look into a little bit more,  please take a look at the packages I offer or even better why not book a free 30 minute initial free consultation to decide if coaching is really something that you would like to do.