• Charlotte Worth

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Yourself In An Interview.

I believe it is always good to just be you, as it is exhausting trying to be someone that we are not. Although I am not going to deny that there will always be times when we put on a different face to give ourselves that little boost of confidence an interview is not that place. Obviously, we shouldn’t show up with all our insecurities and flaws on display (we all have them), but we should present to them the actual person they will be hiring.

With so many people going for so few jobs it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to be someone that we are not, as the desperation to get the job may force us to act in a way that we think the interviewer wants us to be. And indeed, this method might work in the short term, but will it last long term? Here are 5 reasons why you should just be you.

1. If you aren’t the real you in the interview, then who are you going to be when you start working for the company? Are you going to keep this false persona up or is the real you going to appear? It is exhausting being someone you are not, but on the other hand if you are your real self and that real self doesn’t fit the company ethos, then that too can be exhausting, and both can lead to long term unhappiness and stress at work.

2. You don’t know what the interviewer is really like. You might have done your research on the people on the panel and think you have a grounding of what they are like, but do you really know them? How correct is the research you have found on them? Is their LinkedIn profile a good representative of who they really are or is it a nice glossy version of themselves? Also, those personal opinions that individuals might have given you, are simply that, their personal opinion. What’s good for them, may not be good for you.

3. Even if you have a good grasp of what you think they are like, you are not in control of what mood they will be in on that day. They may normally be a calm relaxed individual, but on the day of the interview they might have had a really stressful morning and may still be preoccupied when the interview starts. Basically, a multitude of things could have happened that you would not be aware of that could quite easily affect their personality in that meeting.

4. Up until now the company may be renown for only hiring a specific type of person. However, the world is changing and unbeknownst to you they may be looking for a fresh approach to things. So trying to predict what you think they might want, could well be a disadvantage to you.

5. Being yourself will make you more relaxed in the interview, your answers will be natural, and the process will hopefully feel more like a conversation, whereas if you are being someone else the answers may sound fake and conversation may seem more robotic.

So being YOU is important. If you aren’t successful at getting the job, then it is probably because you weren’t the right fit for them, which more importantly means that they were not the right fit for you. Better to find out now than spend the next six months being really unhappy and desperately trying to find a way out.

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