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I Can’t Possibly Change Career. Oh Yes You Can!

Life has been turned upside down in the last year, and due to the pandemic, some of us have had to leave jobs that we have loved or have held for years and been forced to take a new direction. For some this has been just the jolt they have needed to try something new, but for others it has felt like an impossible challenge as they feel they don’t have the relevant skills.

I have a photo on my website which is a man painting out the I and the M of impossible and my son is constantly telling me that it is not possible to do everything. His example is that it is not possible for humans to fly. However it is, they just need the relevant tools to do it. In this case they need nerves of steel and a wingsuit, to make it possible.

So, in order to change direction in your career you just need to find your own courage and your equivalent of a wingsuit and fly. It might not be easy at first or very quick, and you may have to retrain, start at a lower level than you are on, or go in from a different angle, but with a bit of flexibility, some determination and inner strength, it really is possible.

A case in point is Kate Salter, who is the presenter of this video. Kate has had a really interesting career that has taken her from HR, to sales and marketing to an estate agency. Also, along that journey Kate has taken a couple of detours and also trained to be a massage therapist and mindfulness coach. If you just look at the titles of each of those roles you wouldn’t think that there were any similarities, but if you delve a little deeper you will definitely find enough connections that demonstrate that it is possible to pivot and change direction.

HR is obviously very people orientated and being able to connect to people is a vital quality to being successful in that role. Being successful at sales and marketing means that you need to understand people, how they think and what they desire or need. An estate agent definitely demands the ability to relate to people in order to influence them into selling their house through you or encourage them to buy a house via you. So, when you are thinking of your dream roles, dig deep, explore and see where you can make the connections between the experience you already have compared to the experience that is desired. Remember those job descriptions are just words, that have been beautified to make the role sound more interesting and exciting, you need to look past this and find the actual facts of who they are really looking for. Just like Kate must have done on her career journey.

However, what I really admire about Kate is that she has taken it that step further and stepped out of her comfort zone and tried something entirely new to her. Similarly, like the other roles, if you delve a little further there are lots of cross over skills with her previous roles: a connection to people, a curiosity to give people what they might want, and the ability for sales and marketing, although this time it is herself that she is marketing. With no background in TV production Kate has had to train herself to do all these new skills – editing, script writing, sound and lighting to name just a few. Without any training in production or presentation Kate has put this whole thing together herself. She doesn’t have a production team to create the graphics, find the guests and write the questions for her; she doesn’t have a producer or director guiding and advising her on how she should present and handle herself. This is all created and organised by Kate.

And yes, I know that a lot of people have their own YouTube channel, but that doesn’t mean that they are any good at doing it. Kate has only been doing this since February, so she still has a lot to learn, although I myself with my previous career as a producer at the BBC, I already think that she is a natural and has found her place. Most notably she is willing to give it a try and to put herself out there and make it happen. She has put on her wingsuit and is starting to fly.

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