• Charlotte Worth

Conquering Those Interview Nerves

There are so many people going for interviews at the moment and a lot of the time you know your name is written all over that job, but as soon as the interview starts your nerves just get the better of you and you can see that role just rapidly disappearing into the ether. So, what can you do to stop those nerves and get the job?

• Most importantly remember to breath. It seems obvious, but it is something that we don’t always focus on and can make a big difference in how we present ourselves. So before your interview focus on each breath. I find the following really works for me. Breath in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, breath out for 4 and then hold for 4. Try and do it for at least a couple of minutes. By doing this you will regulate your heartbeat and calm your body and mind down.

• When preparing for the interview allow yourself to imagine what the best case scenario would be. In that scenario what did you do right? How did you communicate the information that you wanted to get across? How did you handle yourself? What was your body language saying?

• Ask yourself why this job is important to you. Say the answer out loud.

• When practicing your answers say them out loud. Get used to your voice. Be responsive to your breathing, slow it down if it gets too fast. Be mindful of how you use your body to talk. If you flap your hands around a lot to explain something, don’t stop that, but try and slow them down, as that will slow you mind down. Think of your hands and arms as conductor’s batons, the faster you move them the faster you will talk. Imagine you are conducting a waltz. If you don't know what the tempo a waltz is, watch a bit of Strictly.

• Before the interview try and listen to something that makes you feel good. That is a lot easier to do at the moment as most interviews are remote. Choose something that you can sing and dance along to. It might sound silly, but it will help you to relax. Both singing and dancing release a feel good chemical - resulting in a sense of euphoria. Singing also triggers the release of oxytocin, which helps relieve anxiety and stimulates feelings of trust. Dancing helps reduce our stress hormone, cortisol, levels.

• Most importantly be yourself. Your best self is fabulous, remember that and hopefully the interviewer will realise that as well.

Do you have any tips for making sure that you leave an interview feeling that you have given your best?

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