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I am so pleased to have met with Charlotte. In one two hour session, she helped me to identify what would make the work life balance more manageable and she helped me to find the confidence to ask for what I wanted ...and I got it. I 100% recommend Charlotte - a session with her should be an absolute essential on the list for mothers returning to work.

Lucy, Family Lawyer 

I met Charlotte at a really pivotal time in my life and I have benefitted hugely from her support and expertise. Our first virtual meeting was a week after I'd been made redundant, at the peak of Covid-19, when I had a lot of self doubt and anxiety about finding permanent employment. After 3 sessions with Charlotte I now feel a lot more confident and am approaching the future with a rejuvenated spirit. I'd highly recommend Charlotte, she is a great listener, attentive and enables you to consider situations in a new light. Charlotte has helped turn a time that could have been really negative into a really positive one. Thank you! 

Nicole, Head of Marketing 

I also found the choice of doing virtual or in person really useful too, as I do have a high pressure and time-consuming job, I often find it hard to commit to a 2 hour session, taking into consideration travel, etc. So being able to talk to in the evening over Facetime was great and I don't feel like it took anything away. My session was pre-COVID-19 so even more important now! I would 100% recommend Charlotte's coaching services to colleagues and friends.

Robyn, Social Media Senior Account Manager 

Charlotte is an incredibly warm and insightful coach with a unique ability to challenge you whilst also giving you confidence. I would highly recommend Charlotte!

Vicky, Lawyer  


I approached Charlotte recently with regards to some coaching around my forthcoming return to work following maternity leave. After just one session I came away feeling much more positive and had a much better sense of clarity about what lay ahead and how I was going to move forward. Charlotte was incredibly easy to talk to and I immediately felt comfortable opening up to her. I am hoping to have some more sessions as my return date approaches. I would 100% recommend Charlotte’s coaching services.

Caroline, Head of Digital

Charlotte coached me through a tricky period at the end of my maternity leave. Her encouragement and guidance enabled me to negotiate successfully with my management in order to achieve the return to work and the hours that were right for me, not for them. Her perspective as a “critical friend” provided the level of support I needed and a fresh creative perspective on the situation. She always suggested and never judged. I would recommend her very highly to anyone. 

Rebecca, Teacher

I am seeking to return to employment after a career break and am finding it mostly a dispiriting, overwhelming, stressful experience.  Charlotte provided a safe, welcoming space for me to discuss my issues - practical and emotional - and encouraged me to challenge my assumptions and beliefs.  This was very enlightening and helped me to reframe my worries in a more positive way. The real breakthrough came when I realised that if I found work that was interesting, the emotional worries snapped back into perspective.


With Charlotte's help I realised that I was actually very clear about my career goals.  I have a very broad technical and transferable skillset but that makes me vulnerable to losing focus as I can realistically apply for thousands of jobs, most of which are not in line with my goals.  My need to find work quickly means that I am constantly tempted back into unsuitable job applications as I am finding it difficult to locate appropriate sources of leads.  We discussed practical ways for me to keep on track and keep positive as job hunting involves rejection, which in turn can really affect confidence and motivation. 


I realised that my route to work lay in very targeted networking.  I am a specialist and "vanilla" standard job search techniques are just not an efficient use of my time.  I would recommend Charlotte to anyone who is in a similar position to me.  

Karen, Finance

Charlotte has a lovely, warm, friendly personality. She listens attentively and offers very useful, insightful and practical advice whilst handling personal information sensitively. I have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte.’

Libby, Finance

If you’re looking for a coach, I can thoroughly recommend Charlotte. Not only is she warm, friendly and easy to get along with, she is also insightful at getting to the crux of things which may be holding you back.

Crucially, you feel that Charlotte is genuinely invested in your story which adds impetus to her offering authoritative and focused strategies to help move you along in your chosen area of growth and development.

Kellie, Executive Radio Producer


Charlotte is a great coach, I really like how she allowed a lot of space to process thoughts as we went through the session. I found the flow of the session really good, how she started with the issue I wanted to focus on and then worked backwards into how/where that issue could have stemmed from through previous experiences that could have triggered the current one.

Charlotte worth coaching, thank you very much for helping me to regain my confidence by listening to me and making me think of my action. Everyone needs a coach at some stage of their life, I would strongly recommend Charlotte worth Coaching. Thank you very much for all your help. 

Parul, Finance 


I met with Charlotte just before returning to work after a two-year career break (spent at home rearing some tiny ones). Charlotte helped me assess my options for, and - more importantly - my feelings about, how to approach my new life as a working mum. She brought a lot of focus and rationality to my thinking and inspired me to make choices for the right reasons and for the right long term outcome. It was a really fun and useful experience.

Lucy, Account Director


Everyone needs a coach in their life to help them unravel the path ahead of them. Charlotte helped me to focus on what I really wanted and encouraged me achieve it. 

Hannah, Radio Presenter and Academic


Charlotte is a great listener and asks insightful questions. After  each session I felt that I had some constructive actions to work on to reach my goal, which I have now  achieved. 

BBC Radio Producer