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Get to know me...

I am an experienced Development Coach, specialising in guiding individuals and teams across diverse industries. With a media and entertainment background, I offer a unique coaching perspective that combines creativity, leadership, and a deep understanding of the media and corporate landscape.


Throughout my coaching career, I have facilitated successful one to one and team coaching sessions for professionals from various backgrounds, including renowned organisations like The Lego Group, Amex, Epic Games, BP, Google, Visa and Boeing. My experience has given me valuable insights into different organisational structures and cultures, allowing me to tailor my coaching approach to meet the specific needs of individuals and teams in various industries.


With a background in the media industry, mostly as a producer within the BBC, I bring a deep understanding of high-pressure environments, stakeholder management, and fostering creativity within teams. My coaching approach focuses on confidence, personal growth, professional development, and organisational success, helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential and thrive in today's complex business landscape.


As a certified coach I use a holistic approach that combines emotional intelligence and action-driven objectives to help my clients achieve their goals. With experience in business, organisational, career, and transition coaching, my coaching style incorporates a creative blend of intellectual challenge, humour, and reflection to inspire positive change. I offer a comprehensive range of coaching services that cover work, life, and strategic development topics, empowering clients to break free from conventional frameworks and unlock their full potential.

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