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Advance your career and confidence with our our concise workshops, packed with hints and tips you can put into practice today!

Individual Workshops

How to Succeed in Your New Role

In these 5 one hour workshops, we will delve deep into the realm of emotional management and help you unlock your full potential in your new role, while addressing the fears that might be holding you back. We'll explore your aspirations – what you aim to achieve, be acknowledged for, and appreciated for in your workplace. For this workshop to be a success you will need to attend all six one hour workshops.

Unlock Your Inner Confidence

In this two-hour interactive workshop, you’ll discover that confidence is not a fixed trait, but a skill you can develop through mindset and embodiment. By delving into your personal interpretation of confidence, and exploring how it looks and feels for you, you’ll learn to embody confidence like an actor immersing themselves in a role and develop actionable steps toward making being confidence a reality for you.

Mastering Leadership Workshops

Develop Your
Leadership Style


Take a look at the six styles of leadership and together create a visual representation of how those leaderships behaviours appear in your role as a leader. This will help you to identify areas of overuse or underuse, reflect on your leadership performance in different situations, and enable you to adapt your approach in the future.

Leading with


identify and reflect on your values and consider ways to consistently embody them in your daily leadership approach.   An important part of leadership is acting in ways that are consistent with your values. Values reflect who you are and what you stand for, both personally and professionally. They guide your actions, decisions, and interactions with others. Your values might include things like communication, work-life balance, trust, or compassion, for example.



For anyone who wants to enhance their executive presence.  Executive presence is the ability to inspire confidence in those you lead so that they believe you are capable and reliable but also inspiring confidence among your senior leaders that you have the potential for success.

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