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Unleash Your Brilliance

Are you looking to enhance your personal or professional growth and achieve your desired aspirations? Would you like to identify your strengths, align your values, and confidently communicate your purpose?


If you're willing to look at your own reality and step out of your comfort zone to make changes, you can unlock your full potential and achieve the success you desire.  Are you ready to try?

How can I help?


Individual Coaching

Are you feeling stuck in your current direction? Do you want to take your performance to the next level? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and unleash your brilliance?

Team Coaching

Are you ready to transform your team into a highly productive, thriving collaborative group of individuals?


Return to Work

Are you struggling to return to work after parental leave or a career break? Are you feeling a loss of confidence and lack of identity as you try to juggle a career and being a parent?

Companies who I have helped

Thoughts & Tips

Working at home

Senior Programme Manager - Amazon

Charlotte guided me through an Odyssean career journey, helping me to identify my core professional frustrations and to better look at the mental habit that were holding me back. Together, we dreamed big and got comfortable with failure - Charlotte supported, cheered, and steered me along as I aimed high and persisted with putting myself up for much bigger jobs than I had previously imagined. Almost every session together had a 'zinger' of an insight, which I could mull over until the next session.

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