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There are certain points in our career that we find ourselves at a junction, not knowing whether we should continue to move straight on, try a new direction or take a break and just enjoy the scenery.  


It could be that the sheen on your once brilliant job has worn off and you need to find something else that lights that spark for you or you are feeling frustrated that the promotion you really want always seems just beyond your grasp. Maybe you are about to return to work after parental leave or a career break but are feeling nervous about this new working life that you are about to embark on. Perhaps a work challenge just seems a little too difficult to master and you just need to find a new angle to approach it from; or maybe you just need a bit of a confidence boost and need to work out a way to get your mojo back!

And that’s where I come in.


No matter what the issue is, the answers are already in you.  You just need someone to help you find them and put them into action. I believe that it is always possible to achieve your goal, no matter how challenging it might seem.  I will help you to uncover skills and possibilities that you may not even be aware of. By helping you to discover these, I can help you clarify your goals, create a plan of action and support you step by step to reach your full potential.

"An impossibility is just a possibility you don't understand yet" (Matt Haig)

The Possibilities

A coach is someone who believes in you and will hold you accountable to your bigger visions.  As your coach I will help you to move forward so that you can achieve your dreams and goals and live your best life. I will enable you to see through the negative stories that you tell yourself and empower you to control and eliminate the fears that are holding you back. 


Actors and sports people all have coaches to help them achieve success in their chosen professions, so why shouldn’t you use that theory to help you to be better at what you do. 

Performance and Self Confidence
Return To Work
My Approach

For my coaching sessions I use The GROW Model a method that is used in everyday conversations and meetings to unlock potential and possibilities.

Goal: goals and aspirations

Reality: current situation, internal and external obstacles

Options: possibilities, strengths and resources

Will: actions and accountability

Let's Talk

If coaching is something that you think will work for you, then call or email me and we can start changing your future.






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I Can Help

To find out if I can help you, why not take a look at the different packages and see if there is something suitable for you. 


Whatever the package is that you decide on, each session will be tailormade to you and the topics that you would like to work on.


About Me

I am an Executive Coach and Learning Facilitator with a BA Hons in Psychology.   Prior to becoming a coach, I spent many years working in the entertainment industry as a Radio and Events Producer.  I worked with a number of prominent individuals in the entertainment and music industry helping them to develop their talent and achieve the success they desired. 



Business Owner

She was tremendously insightful, and willing to challenge and push my thinking so that I really examine my motivations & assumptions. 


Very empathetic approach but also challenging to get to the root cause

of what is holding me back, helping me to realise some things myself and also pointing out where I can control some aspects. Clear actions and next steps to move forward. 

Confident Businesswoman

Charlotte was understanding and insightful and helped me get my concerns into perspective and find workable, simple techniques to avoid future problems. 

Young Man with Suit

 Together, we dreamed big and got comfortable with failure - Charlotte supported, cheered, and steered me along as I aimed high and persisted with putting myself up for much bigger jobs than I had previously imagined.